postcards from utopia

I currently have 1 postcard!! coool!!!

the cards

A piece of paper that has been typed on with an actual typewriter! the message is in the paragraph below.

Chee writes: "I've run out of postcards, but i have some paper. i think the ribbon is a little misaligned but I don't know quite how to fix it. a girl at work gave me this typewriter as a gift. anyway i hope you have a happy new year. my vision of utopia is this, but moreso. connections made through art across space and time. truly the utopia would be that nobody has to worry about what they'll eat or where they'll sleep. we're the only animal on earth that has to pay to live here; a utopia would take that away... life should be a right. cant believe that needs to be stated, but we live here right now." [received march '23]

thank you so much for taking the time to type/write out your vision of utopia & mail it to me ~ making that connection. i don't know how to fix the ribbon on my typewriter either