postcards from utopia

Hi there! I'm collecting visions of utopia. Maybe you saw the flyer. If not, here's the gist:

  1. Envision your perfect world.
  2. Tell me about it (please!) by sending a postcard.

Yeah, I know, your personal utopia probably doesn't have a physical gift shop where you can buy a postcard.. but what is art but a souvenir of our daydreams? So if you'd like to send me a souvenir:

P.O. Box 364
Rocklin, CA, 95677
United States of America

It doesn't have to be in postcard form, really. You can just stuff some words in an envelope, if that's how you feel.. just have fun with it.

Once I get some postcards (or whatever), I'll share them here*. You don't even have to put a return address on it. I'm more than happy to include names, social handles, or whatever if you'd like me to. Just leave a note.

* if you don't want anything to be posted, write so on the card and I'll respect that. Your utopia will be safe with me.

Also, I hate that I have to say this, but if your utopia is just Germany in the late 30s, I won't be posting it, but I will be judging you harshly, and maybe praying for your soul.

frequently asked questions

Q: Where are the postcards?
A: here! If you want to see more, you can help out by sending a postcard, or share this project with someone else who might want to!

If you'd like to see when this page is updated, you can follow the project on Twitter [@UtopiaPostcards]. I might create an RSS feed in the future if there's any interest, they're just a hassle to write.

Q: Where are the questions?
A: For the sake of being honest, I'll only be answering questions which are asked... starting now. ;) If your question isn't here, it hasn't been asked yet. ask me anything.


If you'd like to help spread the word about this project, you can use these materials. And if you do, send me an email so I can personally thank you!

.pdf flyers: b&w, color
transparent png with a more subdued design
qr.png a big ugly qr code that leads to this page.